Ask Your Senators to Cosponsor the WIC Act!

The Wise Investment in our Children (WIC) Act is important, bipartisan legislation that will streamline WIC service delivery and enhance WIC’s public health impact. The bill, sponsored by Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and Susan Collins (R-ME), empowers states to enact three common-sense reforms: (1) extending child eligibility to age six or the beginning of kindergarten; (2) extending postpartum eligibility to two years; and (3) extending infant certification periods to two years. Each provision improves access to vital nutrition support and education at crucial periods of growth and development.

Please join us in raising support for the WIC Act by contacting your senators. You can use this action alert to email, tweet, or call your senators. NWA has already written the message for you, so all you need to do is provide your name and address.

Please Note: This is a lobbying action.

As a reminder, it is your democratic right to lobby. Lobbying is a particular type of advocacy involving an attempt to influence specific legislation by communicating directly with an elected official or his or her staff. Each state has specific laws for state employees about lobbying efforts while on the job. We recommend limiting lobbying efforts to coffee breaks, lunch breaks, after hours and other times not considered “work time.”