Take Action to Ensure WIC is Funded: Tell Congress to Pass a Long-Term Spending Deal

The National WIC Association is calling on Congress and the president to reach an agreement to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. A long-term spending package will ensure that 7 million women, infants, and young children will be able to continue to obtain vital nutrition assistance and breastfeeding support through WIC. Though WIC remained open throughout the shutdown, it is uncertain how long WIC would be able to keep its clinic doors open through a second shutdown. Even when there was adequate funding, misinformed grocery stores and individuals spread confusion and uncertainty through social media

Funding runs out on February 15. No family should have to worry about being able to put food on the table, purchase specialized infant formula, or receive breastfeeding support. Another shutdown would imperil the health of the 7 million women, infants, and children who rely on WIC. Please join us in taking action to tell Congress to avert a shutdown and reach a long-term spending deal that will fund WIC through the end of the fiscal year.


Please Note: This is a lobbying action.

As a reminder, it is your democratic right to lobby. Lobbying is a particular type of advocacy involving an attempt to influence specific legislation by communicating directly with an elected official or his or her staff. Each state has specific laws for state employees about lobbying efforts while on the job. We recommend limiting lobbying efforts to coffee breaks, lunch breaks, after hours and other times not considered “work time.”