Ask Your Member of Congress to Stand Against Public Charge

On August 12, the Department of Homeland Security unveiled the final public charge rule. While WIC is not included in the final rule, the change to immigration policy will penalize families for lawfully accepting Medicaid assistance or SNAP benefits. Many WIC families will lose access to healthcare services or nutrition support as a result of this policy change, leaving millions of individuals – including many US-citizen children – at risk for negative health and nutrition outcomes.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) has championed the effort in Congress to stop the public charge rule by introducing the No Federal Funds for Public Charge Act (H.R. 3222). The bill would prohibit the federal government from spending funds to enforce the new public charge rule.

Please join us in raising support for the No Federal Funds for Public Charge Act by contacting your members of Congress. You can use this action alert to email, tweet, or call your senators. NWA has already written the message for you, so all you need to do is provide your name and address.

Please Note: This is a lobbying action.

As a reminder, it is your democratic right to lobby. Lobbying is a particular type of advocacy involving an attempt to influence specific legislation by communicating directly with an elected official or his or her staff. Each state has specific laws for state employees about lobbying efforts while on the job. We recommend limiting lobbying efforts to coffee breaks, lunch breaks, after hours and other times not considered “work time.”